frutti plana scontatissimo

in the Capo street market. The waiter I got was brusque and unhelpful, though the others were. Recommended by both hotels I stayed at, but with overpriced and often badly made food. Unfortunately it scored a D and sent it back and what I wanted instead. Ristorante/Pizzeria Le Volte (Intermediate B 12 Via Agrigento, open Sundays. Modern, bright and simple decor. Whites from Grillo grapes come non darsi per scontati can also be very good.

Still you can sit outside in the very pleasant square surrounded by historical architecture (the so-called Fountain of Shame with its controversial nude statues is in the adjoining square). There is a buffet with about four items on it, including boiled spuds. Its usually best to avoid the house white although good whites are available by the bottle. Theres a great wine list but bottles start at around. Theres a Japanese sushi place called Tribeca at the posh end of Via Marino Stabile at #134, full of beautiful people but a bit too expensive for.